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Assorted educational items about drug & alcohol testing

I’m safe because….

We usually post about drug & alcohol training, technical aspects of compliance and drug testing issues but this post is very different. There’s no secret that most drug use is about an escape from reality, self medication, peer group social norms,  “exploring” ourselves or adding some zest to the humdrum of life. We acknowledge that drug […]

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New Payment Options

Following requests – we’ve updated our payment options. We now accept: American Express Visa Mastercard Paypal Cheque, Post Order and Direct Deposit We also offer accounts for corporate clients. Our on-line payment processing is PCI Compliant and we go to great lengths to enrypt whatever content we can to improve the security of your on-line […]

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Facebook Focus: Speed

Follow us on Facebook next week for our week long focus on Methamphetamines. Despite extensive media attention Meth continues to be one of the most abused drugs in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout next week we will be focusing upon Methamphetamine use, it’s history, prevalence and we will take a close look at why this […]

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Drug Testing Policy – Compliance Update

It’s that time of year again when we suggest that you review your drug & alcohol policy & related procedures to ensure that the content and practices are current, compliant and technically correct. Some industries specifically require compliance with certain drug & alcohol related legislation (such as in the mining, rail and aviation sectors). Virtually all […]

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False Positive and False Negative?

The terms “False Positive” and “False Negative” can be confusing, however we have developed a very simple scheme to explain these terms. For any process that is based on two tests (in this case we are using an “Initial Test” and a “Confirmation Test”) – there are four possible outcomes (see below under “Confirmation Test”). […]

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Next Phase in Synthetic Drugs

Further variants of Synthetic Cannabis continue to appear on the market. AM2201 and XLR-11 are extremely potent synthetic cannabinoids commonly known as “Venom”. As with all synthetic cannabinoids the potential long term ramifications of taking these drugs is still unknown. Short term side-effects include elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, anxiety and hallucinations(1). Panic attacks […]

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Confused about Drug Testing Courses & Australian Standard Requirements?

There appears to be considerable confusion in the drug testing market about what actually constitutes a compliant training course and what is required in the Australian Standards (for urine and saliva drug testing). Both of these Australian Standards have explicit training requirements for “Collectors” to have “successfully completed a course of instruction for specimen collection […]

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Drug & Alcohol Testing Training by Australia’s Specialist RTO

Simply put – we specialise in drug & alcohol testing education and we understand the challenges facing professionals embarking on a career performing this function. In fact we developed our first accredited training course some twelve years ago, long before it ever became a compliance requirement in the various Australian Standards. If you are looking […]

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