Drug Test Training Courses

Acquire a range of practical skills through our Nationally recognised and accredited drug test training courses. Graduates will be able to apply knowledge, analysis and testing skills into a real world environment for workplace drug testing.

10275NAT - Course in Workplace Drug Testing (breath alcohol) (oral fluid - saliva) (urine)

This is a Nationally Accredited specialist drug test training course developed by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Institute designed to train prospective drug and alcohol testing collectors
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HLTPAT005 - Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to confirm collection requirements, prepare the client and equipment, and collect specimens via urine and/or oral and breath testing following the special procedures that apply for drugs of abuse testing.

This unit applies to individuals working in collection centres, hospitals, other health care environments and workplaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Post Course workplace sign off is required by a supervisor who is “currently working in a collection role for at least 18 hours in a fortnight.”
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Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

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Deciding which course is right for you?

  • In addition to the standard assessment which is completed in both courses, the HLTPAT005 unit from the National Healthy Training Package guidelines require that further workplace sign off is required by a supervisor who is “currently working in a collection role for at least 18 hours in a fortnight time period”.
  • A Statement of Attainment will be issued for 1 unit only for the HLTPAT005. This does not describe the actual format of training completed (urine, saliva or breath alcohol) – accordingly it can be difficult to determine exactly what competency the student has obtained. The 10275NAT Course includes a full description of each unit of competency achieved (breath alcohol)(oral fluid/saliva) and (urine).
  • The content delivered within both courses is exactly the same, with the training methodology being a hands-on and interactive learning delivery. Each participant is allocated with screening devices and confirmatory equipment for quality practical skills in each of the chosen testing regimes (breath, urine, and / or saliva).
  • We are extremely unique in our delivery of either course because your training includes direct, hands on practical use of testing equipment all the way from initial preparation through to collection and despatch of confirmatory samples (in multiple configurations).