Online eLearning Refresher Training

This training is designed for collectors / testing officers who hold a current Accredited Workplace Drug Testing qualification to maintain knowledge and currency. This online eLearning self-paced training consists of 12 modules that you can complete at your own pace over 3 months. The modules are accessed via a secure student portal and cover topics such as communication and paperwork, detection periods, compliance and more, in relation breath alcohol, oral saliva and urine testing methods. There are questions at the end of each stage that must be completed before you move to the next stage. Duration 8 hours approx. self paced. A Statement of Completion will be issued on successful completion.


Maintain your drug and alcohol testing currency with refresher training.
Designed for those participants who already hold an accredited Workplace Drug Testing certification. A copy of this may be requested on enrolment.
Refresh your skills via self-paced eLearning modules:

  • ​Stage 1: Welcome To The Refresher Course
  • Stage 2: First Up - Be Prepared
  • Stage 3: Emerging Trends
  • Stage 4: Communication And Paperwork
  • Stage 5: Drug And Alcohol Testing
  • Stage 6: Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Stage 7: Drug Testing
  • Stage 8: Detection Periods/Medications/ Record Management
  • Stage 9: Valuable Information For Collectors
  • Stage 10: Compliance
  • Stage 11: Drug And Alcohol Statistics
  • Stage 12: Final Check
This course is not compatible with an android or iPhone.
Chrome is the preferred browser for viewing this course.

Completing each stage – For your convenience, the course can be completed over a number of sessions.  You must complete the assessment at the end of each stage before logging out or you will have to repeat that stage again when you return to pick up where you left off.
Sound - You can mute the sound if you prefer to read the course at your own pace
Links to web paged and YouTube - Links to other web pages and YouTube videos will open in a new tab. Pause the slide you are on in the course to watch these.

Learning Outcomes
  • Non-accredited training
  • Statement of Completion will be issued on successful completion of the course

Name Start Date Cost
Online eLearning Refresher Training Self-Paced $275.00